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Jaimie London, WAJK/Wolf host


I was born and raised in Chenoa...just down the road a bit on that "other" Interstate...55.  My love for squirrels and all things Conservative sent me to Eureka College, where Ronald Reagan attended.  After college, I spent a few years in our state's capitol.  I was there in the beginning of the Blagojevich years.  Most recently, I lived in Wisconsin.  They love cheese and hate all things Illinois up there.  They even put an "s" on the end.  Who does that??  This has brought me back to the Land of Lincoln. 

I am a huge sports fan.  I love my Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls.  Locally, I love the Peoria Chiefs and Rivermen, Bloomington Extreme and Prairie Thunder and the Normal Cornbelters. 

Television is amazing.  If it's a crime show...I watch it.  If it's a comedy on NBC...I watch it.  If it's on Fox...I watch it.  My favorite show of all time is Deadliest Catch on Discovery.  I am in a serious relationship with the Captain of the Time Bandit...Johnathan Hillstrand.  He doesn't know it yet, but when the day arrives that we actually meet, he will know...oh yes, he will know. 

I love movies.  Comic book movies pretty much rule the world.  My favorite actors include Edward Norton and Gary Oldman, and on the female side of things Nicole Kidman and Bernadette Peters.

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